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    WRP 6 Days

    A complete pack to diet for six days, consists of WRP Nutritious Drink and WRP Cookies as a replacement for the main meal and snack.








    WRP Nutritious Drink

    Milk meal replacements to lose weight with a calorie-controlled (200 calories / serving), high protein, high calcium with much better taste and natural.








    WRP Chocolate Cookies

    A snack with calories controlled and containing fibers that does not cause obesity, fills and salubrious the digestive tract. WRP Cookies also practical because packed in sachets .









    WRP Body Shape

    High milk protein, high calcium, enriched with CLA and L-Carnitine to help burn body fat to be toned. Suitable for those of you who already have the ideal body weight but would like to have a more perfect body curves.







    WRP Low Fat Milk with Collagen

    Low-fat milk with collagen for skin beauty that looks healthy, bright, and youthful. Contain high levels of vitamin C and E as an antioxidant to prevent aging.








    WRP Skin 2 C

    A practical ready-to-drink and refreshing for the beauty and health of your skin. WRP Skin 2 C, formulated with a variety of advantages :
    • Contains collagen which helps boost the beauty and elasticity of your skin.
    • No fat and low calories does not cause obesity.
    • Equipped with vitamin C as an antioxidant that effectively prevent aging (Vitamin C has been shown to encourage the formation of collagen in the body. Skin was protected with a more thorough and more reliable production of collagen).





    WRP Diet Tea

    WRP Diet Tea contains ingredients that serve to help reduce excess carbohydrate, reduced fat, and helps metabolize.




    For further information, click http://wrp-diet.com/product-range

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